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To enroll in the General Studies online program:

New students: Apply online here and then schedule an advising session with Alese Mulvihill, 203.332.8508
Continuing students: Schedule an advising session with Alese Mulvihill, 203.332.8508 before registering

2018-2019 Academic Catalog

General Studies (EB30)

Associate in Science Degree

This program is designed for those who wish a broader general education background. Programs will be arranged on an individual basis through consultation with the student’s advisor. A maximum of flexibility in choice of courses is permitted in this curriculum but the degree will be awarded only to those students whose programs meet the minimum requirements of this curriculum.

This General Studies program is not designed for transfer to a four-year program. Undecided students desiring transfer should enroll in one of the CSCU Transfer degrees, a Liberal Arts & Sciences Degree or a Pathway degree by their second semester at HCC.

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