2016 Induction Ceremony

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The America Manufacturing Hall of Fame held their third annual Induction Ceremony of Thursday, October 6, 2016 in Trumbull. 



Bead Industries Inc.

Bead Industries, formerly called Bead Chain Manufacturing Co., is comprised of two divisions, Bead Chain and Bead Electronics, located in Milford, Con-necticut and a wholly owned subsidiary, McGuire Manufacturing Company, a producer of plumbing fixture trim located in Cheshire, Connecticut.

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The Benedict & Burnham Manufacturing Co.

Today, historians credit six Connecticut men with starting the brass industry in the United States. All were either partners, collaborators, or direct competitors with Aaron Benedict and his company.

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C. Cowles & Co.

C. Cowles & Company was founded in 1838 by Chandler Cowles and William Cornwall. The business began at 122 York Street in New Haven and later moved to 138 Orange Street. In later years the Cowles acquired other companies. Starting in 1967 it acquired The Phillips Manufacturing Company, an injection molding company. In the ’70s a couple of extruder companies were acquired, which became Cowles Products, an automotive aftermarket trim supplier. In 1979, Hydrolevel, a liquid level sensing controls company, was acquired, which is now a leading controls supplier to the heating industry. In 2009, Cowles acquired the Carlin Combustion Company, which is a burner and controls company for the heating industry. These four companies, along with Cowles Stamping (the original C. Cowles & Company) are the five operating divisions of C. Cowles & Company.

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Chance Vought

When Chance Vought founded his aircraft company in 1917, little did he know that his small enterprise would someday design and build aircraft that would change the face of aviation. From the first airplane to take off from a carrier in 1922 to the famed F4U gull-winged Corsair of World War II and the record-setting F8U fighter, Chance Vought aircraft were known for their innovation and durability. For more than 75 years, Vought airplanes were in service with the U.S. Navy. Today, the Vought name is owned by Triumph Group, Inc.

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Platt Brothers & Co.

In 1797, when Nathan Platt set his sights on a plot of land along the Naugatuck River, he imagined a future based on family enterprise and economic security. Seventeen hundred dollars bought him a house and barn with 30 acres of land, a gristmill, sawmill, and water rights. Twenty years later, his son Alfred purchased the property alongside Nathan’s, and established the small button making and metal working factory, which would later become A. Platt & Co.

The Platt Brothers and Co. today is what Nathan Platt imagined over 200 years ago, and perhaps more — a thriving manufacturing company honoring family tradition and values, in a global market where his name is as far reaching as was his vision for success.

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