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Welcome to the Advising & Student Success Center

Our Purpose

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The Advising and Student Success Center is dedicated to encouraging, assisting, and supporting all students, through their decision-making and critical thinking, to achieve their maximum academic, career, and personal development. The college provides a number of services that are geared towards helping students meet these objectives. The Advising and Student Success Center assists students in navigating Housatonic and enabling them to achieve success.


Our Purpose

Successful students are those who plan. Planning requires that students understand the requirements of their specific program of study, know what their short and long-term goals are, and are aware of campus resources. The Advising and Student Success Center along with faculty advisors, are available to all students to help them succeed in their academic work.

Location: Lafayette Hall L1112
Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday to Friday


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