Getting Started with Blackboard Vista

Welcome to Blackboard Vista


PLEASE NOTE:  The previous name of the "Blackboard Vista" course management system used by the Connecticut Community Colleges was "WebCT Vista", so you may occasionally see references in some tutorial content to the older product name. Don't let this confuse's simply the result of a change of ownership of the product from the WebCT corporation to the Blackboard corporation.

Every Blackboard Vista course is unique. For example, your instructor may be using Blackboard Vista to supplement a course taught in a regular classroom environment and may only add a couple of key tools to Blackboard Vista. Alternatively, your course may be taught entirely online and a variety of tools and content may be added to your Blackboard Vista course.

The Blackboard Vista Tool Set

Blackboard Vista has a variety of tools that are used to create an online learning environment that closely mirrors a regular classroom environment. Essentially, there are three types of Blackboard Vista tools: Course Content Tools, Communication Tools, and Evaluation Tools.

Course Content Tools

Course Content tools are used to deliver course material, such as the course syllabus, online lectures, and relevant web links, to you. Some of the Course Content tools include:

Communication Tools

Communication tools allow you to communicate with your classmates and instructor. Some communication tools are used to facilitate class discussions while others are used to allow for more private communication. Some of the Communication tools include:

Evaluation Tools

Evaluation tools are used to help you gain a better understanding or test your knowledge of the course material. The evaluation tools include:


If you encounter questions while using Blackboard Vista, you can access the online help by clicking the Help link. The link appears in the top right-hand frame of every page. Help link

Because each course is unique, the tools you use and how you navigate your Blackboard Vista course will depend on how it's been set up. However, there are some features that are commonly used to organize course content and to allow you to access tools. Let's get started by taking a look at these common features.


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