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Common Problems

Please do not use the new Internet Explorer 11(IE11) with Blackboard Learn. It is currently not supported by Blackboard.

Trouble to Login into myCommNet

How to Login using Net ID? (in html)
How to Login into myCommNet (quick reference) in flash player icon(Flash Player)
Complete video introduction about myCommNet: windows media icon (Windows Media Player)
Complete video introduction about myCommNet:quicktime icon (Quicktime Player)

Clearing the Browser Cache for Common Browsers
(click here for Windows browsers )
(click here for Apple/Mac browsers)

Do I need to disable pop-up blockers?
Yes. Many of the systems accessed through myCommNet open in a new window and therefore require that pop-ups be allowed. In order to have the best myCommNet experience, please configure any pop-up blockers on your PC to include "my.commnet.edu" and "vista.ctdlc.org" in the list of exceptions (i.e., to allow the pop-ups). Be sure to include all pop-up blockers associated with your browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer) and any other software packages installed on your PC (e.g., Norton, Yahoo, Google, AOL Toolbars, as they come with their own pop-up blockers). For more information, please refer to your software’s help resource to find out how to turn-off your pop-up blockers.

The links below may assist you in turning off pop-up blockers:
To Disable pop-up blockers in the browsers | Un-install pop-up blockers from toolbars (Aol, Google, MSN)

Problems Logging into myCommNet with AOL and SBC Globalnet Users
We have determined that many of the default settings within the AOL and SBC Globalnet interface are incompatible with myCommNet. If you are an AOL or SBC Globalnet user and you are having trouble using myCommNet please, click here and follow the steps.

Getting logged-out unexpectedly
This problem has recently been observed for those using Internet Explorer. It most commonly occurs when opening a new window (such as a mail message, discussion thread or viewing a quiz question). Then when attempting to access another link you may be sent back to the login screen. There are two steps to solve this problem.

  1. Ensure you are up to date with your Windows Updates. For instructions on how to check this please see the section on Important Computer Settings.
  2. If your computer is up to date then you will find using a different browser should work. See list of supported browser at System Requirements section

Student Specific Problems

Does Blackboard Learn support the new Windows Vista OS?
The Windows XP Operating System is preferred. However, the new Windows Vista (no relation to Blackboard Learn) Operating System will work with Blackboard Learn; on the other hand, Blackboard Learn does not support the new Windows Vista "Aero" interface. This will not affect your overall Blackboard Learn experience. When you log in to Blackboard Learn, you will receive a message that the "Aero" interface is not supported - just click "OK" and continue.

Do the new files in Office 2007 works with oldest version of Office (2003, 2000)?
If you received a file that have this extension .doc, that only work with Office 2007. To be able to work with this document in oldest version of Office (2003, 2000), you need to download and install Microsoft's free converter Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and Power Point 2007 File Formats that will allow you to open, edit and save this documents. [Click here to download]
The Compatibility Pack can also be used in conjunction with the Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2003, Excel Viewer 2003, and Power point Viewer 2003 to view files saved in these new formats.

A Student is unable to access the course
The student must be added to the course before it will show up in their course list.

Forgotten Passwords
If a student forgets their password it can be reset through the myCommNet (http://my.commnet.edu), Trouble Login section. Blackboard Learn administrators do not reset Net ID student passwords.




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