HCC Classes in Milford Continue Tradition of Student Success

HCC Classes in Milford Continue Tradition of Student Success

December 28, 2017

Contact: Matt Fischer

Bridgeport, Conn. – Housatonic Community College (HCC) and Jonathan Law High School (JLHS) are pleased to announce the return of spring class offerings in Milford. Back-to-school classes are available for new or continuing students, including non-degree college-prep courses.

Elementary Spanish 1, taught by Josephine Milano, explores the Spanish language while introducing students to the rich history and culture of Spain. As an HCC professor for over 20 years, Milano says students need only bring themselves, and an empty stomach, to class.

“It’s probably my favorite part.” Milano said. “Food is one of the few things we all have in common with each other, and cooking and sharing traditional Spanish dishes really gets the students to start contributing and sharing about their backgrounds and experiences.”

“Because these (Milford) classes bring people of all different ages and life experience, I find there’s more people are willing to talk.” Milano said. “This isn’t some required high school course. People are here on their own free will because they want to be, and that helps the class as a whole. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to learn a new language take my class.”

Western Civilization 1, taught by Anthony Batson, takes students on a journey through history with plenty of modern-day parallels. “Once we make that connection, that history is like a mirror,” Batson said. “The class really comes alive. There’s this ‘a-ha’ moment.”

“Comparing ancient Egyptian medicine to the medicine of today, looking at the similarities between our government and the Roman Empire, or warfare in Persia to modern warfare today are some of what I cover.” Batson said.

HCC will hold an open house on Monday, Jan. 8 at 6:30. The event is open to the public. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions to both professors and admissions representatives. For more information on the spring classes at JLHS, contact William Griffin at 203-332-5056.