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Financial Aid
Students must reapply for FAFSA each academic year. Learn more and apply here.

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Summer Scholarships

Fall Scholarship Applications Now Open!

The fall scholarship application period is now open until 9AM on Tuesday, 07/07/2020 NO Exceptions! Learn more here

Catch Up or Get Ahead

Catch Up or Get Ahead With Summer Sessions

Summer sessions are a great way to accelerate towards graduation or make up credits. Three sessions will be offered: June 1 to July 23
June 1 to July 2
July 6 to Aug. 6

Flexible Courses

Flexible and Accelerated Courses.

From 8-week courses to satellite classes in Milford, HCC offers something for everyone. Look for these offerings in the Course Search.

Summer / Fall ’20 Important Dates

First Day of Registration: April 1
Summer Session I: June 1 - July 23
Summer Session II: June 1 - July 2
Summer Session III: July 6 - Aug. 6
Fall Semester Dates: Aug. 26 - Dec. 5
First 8-week term: Aug. 26 - Oct. 19
Second 8-week term: Oct. 21 - Dec. 16
Late Start Session: Sept. 9 - Dec. 13

Student Type:


New Students

(Never Applied, or *Applied but Never Attended)

  1. Submit an Admission’s (blue) Application & Request SAT Waiver If eligible. (You can APPLY ONLINE when available or download the application here.) (* If you have applied but never attended see below.)
  2. Prepare for Placement Test at Center for Academic Progress (CAP) (LH-B146), (203) 332-8585.
  3. Schedule Placement Test online.
  4. Contact Health Services for MMRV (Measles/ Mumps/ Rubella/ Varicella) immunization requirement (L-111).
  5. Sign up for a LAUNCH: New Student Group Advising Session.
  6. Check Status of Financial Aid
  7. * Students who have applied to HCC in the past but have never attended should use the Reactivation Application, Download here.


Continuing Students Only • Fall 2020

How To Register

  1. Make a remote appointment with a faculty advisor for a one on one advisement session. Click here for more info.
  2. If you sign into mycommnet and click on DegreeWorks you will be able to identify who your faculty advisor is. The good news is that if your advisor is unavailable, you can visit ANY of the faculty members within the department.
  3. Once you have met with a faculty advisor and completed your academic plan for the next semester, Visit the course search page on the Housatonic website to access the course schedule
  4. Build your schedule by choosing the days and times that work for you based on the classes you and your advisor agreed-upon
  5. Register!!!! Sign into mycommnet and get registered online.

1. Online 24/7

April 1, 2020 -August 26, 2020

Online Registration is a registration option which involves accessing the college’s website and the link to myCommNet.  In addition to an original registration, you may also add courses.  Please note that this registration option is open to you only if you are paying for your courses with a credit card (VISA, Discover  or Mastercard) or a financial aid award.  All requirements mentioned in previous sections apply to online registration. 

Please note that you CANNOT drop courses online.
More information on myCommNet here

2. Mail (Not Available At This Time)

3. Fax (Not Available At This Time)

4. Drop-off (Not Available At This Time)

5. In-Person (Not Available At This Time)


Re-Admit Students

(Not Attended HCC in 2 or More Years)

  1. Fill out the Recruitment Form.
  2. Contact Health Services for MMRV (Measles/ Mumps/ Rubella/ Varicella) immunization requirement (L-111).
  3. Schedule a placement test (and after they’ve taken the accuplacer)
  4. Meet with an advisor remotely.
  5. Check Status off Financial Aid


Transfer Students

(From another college must provide a copy of an unofficial transcript)

  1. You can APPLY ONLINE when available or download the application here.
  2. Contact Health Services for MMRV (Measles/ Mumps/ Rubella/ Varicella) immunization requirement (L-111).
  3. Meet with an Advisor with a copy of your transcript(s) from your prior institution(s)
    1. Official transcripts will be required for an official evaluation of courses via the Transfer Coordinator
    2. In some cases transfer students will be advised to schedule a placement test online
  4. Schedule Placement Test online.
  5. Check Status off Financial Aid


Winter or Summer Classes Only

(Student must provide an unofficial transcript(s) if pre-requisite was taken at another school other than HCC)

  1. If Math or English was never taken at a College/ University then Placement Testing is required.
  2. Schedule Placement Test online.
  3. Or meet an Advisor remotely with your transcript 


Information for International Students

There are TWO files required for International Student admission, you must download and submit BOTH of the following:

The Admissions Office assists anyone needing further program information. A personal interview is optional, and those who wish may make an interview appointment by contacting the Admissions Office at 203-332-5100 or by Email to .