IR - Data Request

Institutional Research Data Request

HCC staff and faculty are invited to submit requests for data or research assistance. The Director of Institutional Research will evaluate each request on the basis of feasibility and appropriateness. Requests will be prioritized by the director in consultation with college administrators and in accordance with the college’s Strategic Plan.

Your request must be submitted three weeks before the data is needed. You will be contacted when your request has been accepted for processing, with an anticipated date of delivery.

Confidential information may be provided in response to special requests. Please note that disclosure of this information to unauthorized parties violates the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). If you are provided with confidential information, it is expected that you will:

  • Handle the information in a secure fashion to ensure it remains confidential
  • Communicate the information only to other parties authorized to have access to it in accordance with the provisions of FERPA
  • Use the information only for its intended purpose
  • Properly dispose of the information when it is no longer needed.

Ready to begin? Download and complete the Data Request Form inMicrosoft® Word or PDF format. If you have questions, please contact: