Late Start Classes

Late Start classes have been added for students who need an additional class or who desire accelerated movement toward graduation. Students who are transferring from another college and/or students who have not registered yet will also benefit from the Late Start registration.

See Late Start classes below. Interested students should contact HCC's Registrar office at (203) 332-5088 to register, or stop by in person in Lafayette Hall, L-113. Classes start Sept. 11th.

CRN Subj Crs Title Instructor Hours Days Start End Room
4149 ACC* E113 PRINCIPLES OF FINANCE Staff 3.00 TR 05:00P 06:20P BH 363
4056 BIO* E211 ANATOMYPHYSIOLOGY I Cicero, Ceylon M. 4.00 S 10:00A 01:55P LH C235
            S 02:20P 06:10P LH C208
4105 CSA* E105 Intro to Soft. App O Ellis, Rose R. 3.00   TBA TBA ONLINE
4117 ENG* E092 Intro to College Reading STAFF 3.00 MW 02:00P 03:20P LH A226
3298 ENG* E094 Intro to Coll Writin Sulzycki, Marc 3.00 MW 03:30P 05:05P LH A215
4026 ENG* E101 COMPOSITION (LATE START) Leo, Jacqueline 3.00 MW 09:30A 11:05A BH 134
3937 ENG* E101 Comp w/Wkshp 3938 (L Yates, Catherine 3.00 TR 08:00A 09:35A TBA
3938 ENG* E101W Comp Workshop 3937 L Yates, Catherine 3.00 TR 09:40A 11:15A TBA
3950 FS E100 Freshman Sem Online Samberg, Rebecca 3.00   TBA TBA ONLINE
4011 HIS* E201 U.S. HISTORY I (LATE START) Dederer, John 3.00 TR 02:00P 03:35P BH 265
3428 HSE* E101 Intro to HumanServ O STAFF 3.00   TBA TBA ONLINE
3481 MAT* E095 ELEM ALGEBRA FOUND. Nohai-Seaman, Jen 3.00 MW 12:30P 02:05P LH B212
4093 MAT* E167 Principles of Statis Schaeffler, Janice 3.00   TBA TBA ONLINE+
4094 MAT* E172 College Algebra Onli La Barbera, Michael 3.00   TBA TBA ONLINE+
4139 MFG* E110 Solid Works Staff 3.00 W 01:00P 03:30P LH L166
4140 MFG* E120 Metrology Staff/td> 3.00 T 01:00P 03:30P LH L184
4141 MFG* E124 Blueprint Reading I Staff 2.00 F 03:00P 04:40P LH L166
4142 MFG* E150 Intro to Machine Tec Orloski, Steven W. 4.00 T 03:35P 06:05P LH L166
            T 06:10P 08:40P LH L166
4143 MFG* E153 Manf. Machinery-Benc Staff 2.00 R 03:30P 04:20P LH L167
4147 MFG* E156 Manf. Machinery-CNC Staff 2.00 M 03:35P 06:05P LH L167
4012 PSY* E111 GENERAL PSYCH I (LAT STAFF 3.00 MW 03:30P 05:05P BH 143
4040 PSY* E111 GENERAL PSYCH I (LAT Nettle, Jeffrey D. 3.00 M 06:30P 09:15P BH 265
4013 PSY* E201 Lifespan Dev. (LATE START) Bullock, Michele L 3.00 S 09:00A 12:15P BH 265
4014 SOC* E101 PRINCIPLES OF SOC. L Washington, Jazmyn 3.00 MW 07:55A 09:29A BH 135
3668 SPA* E101 Elem Spanish I Onlin Ortiz, Jamilet R. 3.00   TBA TBA TBA


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