Cercone, Kathleen

Kathleen Cercone , Ph.D.

Professor of Biology

B.S., Columbia University
M.S., Southern Connecticut State University
Ph.D., Capella University


  • Email:
  • Phone: 203-332-5177
  • Office: LH-B263



I started my first career as a Physical Therapist(PT) after getting my BS from Columbia University. As a PT I worked in many different settings, e.g. orthopedic, neurology, out-patient, aquatic, hospital and home care. I started teaching at HCC as an adjunct in the Physical Therapist Assistant(PTA) program. In 1998 I started full time as the clinical coordinator of the PTA program. In 2002 the program at HCC was closed. HCC joined the state PTA consortium where HCC students went to NVCC PTA program. I was the coordinator and representative for HCC. The consortium was closed in 2014. With the PTA closure in 2002, I started to teach Biology 105 and now only teach Anatomy & Physiology. I was involved in teaching online and using WebCT to enhance the PTA class in 1998. At the time, WebCT was free. I began to be involved in system wide committees looking at online learning for the community colleges and then the state purchased WebCT which became Blackboard. I authored a section of the iLearn program. This is an online certificate that is recommended for all faculty who teach online. I enjoy technology and teaching others on how to teach online which includes the design of your classroom in Blackboard. I have extensive experience teaching online for over 13 years at another university.


My family is my primary interest. If I have any other free time I am an avid reader.


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