Valovcin, Mary Ann

Mary Ann Valovcin

Professor of English

B.A., Sacred Heart University
M.S., University of Bridgeport


  • Email:
  • Phone: 203-332-5136
  • Office: BH-229B


Mary Ann Valovcin is a tenured, full professor of Humanities, teaching Composition/Research, Literature, and Public Speaking.

She began her career as a high school English teacher and Chairperson of the English Department at Lauralton Hall Girls Academy. She went on to teach at Sacred Heart University where she was also a Director of the Writing Program. Prof. Valovcin taught for the TRIO program at Fairfield University where she also designed and conducted workshops for incoming TRIO faculty. She conducted writing and communication workshops at ASPIRA for instructors and students in Bridgeport.

In the private sector:
Prof. Valovcin was a guest speaker at the dedication of the New Haven Veteran's Coliseum in 1972 and a guest speaker for the National Honor Society (Milford Chapter).

She was invited to speak and conduct workshops for career counselors at Post University in Waterbury.

Prof. Valovcin conducted public speaking instruction for General Electric, writing and communication workshops at Arnold Bakers, U.S.T (now Altria), the New England Jewelers Association, Caregivers Association, and various other endeavors for different organizations.

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Aspen Award
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