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Who/What is the American Manufacturing Hall of Fame?
The American Manufacturing Hall of Fame is comprised of a group of passionate citizens and manufacturers who believe it is important to appreciate and understand the proud history of American Manufacturing as a catalyst to take advantage of the distinct opportunities that advanced manufacturing can bring to American lives today and in the future.

What is your mission?
The American Manufacturing Hall of Fame celebrates the innovative history of American manufacturing, raises funds for educational programs and promotes awareness of Advanced Manufacturing which is critical to the economy.

Where is the American Manufacturing Hall of Fame located and why?
The American Manufacturing Hall of Fame is located in Bridgeport, CT. Bridgeport was a hub of manufacturing leadership and innovation in America for over a century. The first practical submarine, the first practical carbon electric light bulb filament, the modern automobile assembly line and the first robot all have their roots in, or were invented, in Bridgeport. Bridgeport is desirably located between New York and Boston and within 100 driving miles of over 20 million people.

Specifically, what does the Hall of Fame do?
The American Manufacturing Hall of Fame works to create a positive environment where individuals and companies can celebrate the success of American manufacturers, acknowledge the manufacturers’ innovation and commitment to their communities. The Hall of Fame works to support American precision manufacturing by raising funding for scholarships, funding for educational supplies and other educational programs.

Will the American Manufacturing Hall of Fame just be local to Connecticut?
The American Manufacturing Hall of Fame will be located in Bridgeport, CT, which was one of the American capitals of manufacturing for many years in the 19th and 20th centuries, but, over time will celebrate manufacturers from around the United States. In 2015 the greater New Haven area was added for consideration and added three new members to the Hall. In 2016 Waterbury was added to the list of manufacturing communities to be considered for induction. The 2017 Inductees will announced by March 1, 2017

What companies have been inducted into the Hall of Fame to date?
2014: From Bridgeport – Bridgeport Machines, Bullard Machine Tool, Hubbell, Inc., Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation and Warner’s
2015: From Bridgeport – Bridgeport Brass, Moore Tool, Inc. and Wheeler & Wilson/Singer. From New Haven – A.C. Gilbert, Brewster Carriage and Auto and Sargent Co.
2016: Bead Industries, The Benedict & Burnham Mfg. Co.; C. Cowles & Co., Chance Vought & Platt Brothers & Co.

Videos of the inductions can be seen here:

Is the organization that runs the AMHoF non-profit?
The AMHoF presently operates under the auspices of the Housatonic Community College Foundation, a 501©(3) non-profit organization. All profits from AMHoF activities are donated to the Foundation by the AMHoF to support Advanced Manufacturing Training Center programs and scholarships for their students. The long term goal is for the AMHoF to be an independent 501©(3) non-profit organization.

How is the American Manufacturing Hall of Fame funded?
The American Manufacturing Hall of Fame is funded with donations from public companies, private enterprise and private citizens, as well as state and federal grants. While donations can be restricted for only program use, non-restricted funds are needed because the induction MUST be fully funded every year.

What are the criteria for induction?
Any company engaged in manufacturing for at least ten years can be considered for induction. Companies considered have made significant contributions to the field of manufacturing either by innovation, the improvement of a manufacturing process or by creating a product that has advanced humankind. Manufacturers considered will have had a far-reaching impact on the communities they are located in and had a positive impact on the quality of life of their workers.

Who picks the nominees and how are they picked?
The steering committee selects an impartial and independent Research and Selection Committee (RSC), comprised of three professional historians with an expertise in manufacturing. The RSC oversees creating a research and selection sub-committee in each manufacturing area being considered.

How can I or my company donate, become a sponsor or volunteer?
There is a separate sponsorship form that is available by contacting Emily Hyde during regular business hours. Volunteers are needed for several committees and Emily has a list of needs.

Thank you for your interest in the American Manufacturing Hall of Fame! 

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