Deluca Grant Fund Request

Deluca Grant Funds Request

Frederick A. Deluca Foundation is offering grant funds to help those students who are enrolled in the Professional Studies Institute (PSI) programs. Financial support is specifically designated toward helping students pursue their PSI studies. Some examples: Tuition, books, background/criminal check fee, medical screening/physical fees. Funds are available on a first-come-first-serve basis until all funds have been awarded and depleted.

Eligibility to Apply & Documents Required at Time of Application

Students MUST:

  • Be enrolled at HCC in a degree, certificate or certification program within the Professional Studies Institute. (ref. Pg. 4)
  • Students must provide a copy of their registrant/student’s course schedule
  • Demonstrate a current 2.0 Grade Point Average (In Good Standing).
  • New students who are enrolled and never attended any other college prior to HCC, must provide an official high school transcript showing their high school’s cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • Current students enrolled at HCC must provide a copy of their current DegreeWorks Graduation Evaluation. This provides the student’s current GPA.
  • Prove financial need with the following:
  • Applied for Financial Aid through the HCC’s Financial Aid Office.
  • Received official notification of their approved Financial Aid Award.
  • Provide an HCC Bursar college bill showing outstanding balance if you need help with tuition cost.
  • Provide actual proof of documentation for every item and cost: Books, medical screening fee, background check fee, etc.,
  • Complete and submit the whole Application below. All areas MUST be completed in order to be considered for financial assistance. Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.

Section D: Submit Application with Required Documentation!

  • Complete all areas of the Application below.
  • Read Section C and attach all required documentation to your application. All documents of proof must be attached to the application in order to be considered.
  • Questions- Josephine Pelaggi located in Beacon Hall, Academic Affairs Office, Suite 278 or email the application to

Please complete the form below. Please note: (*) requires an answer.

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