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Transferring to Housatonic

Are you planning to transfer credit to complete an associate degree at Housatonic Community College or would like to enroll in a class to transfer back to your home institution? Housatonic Community College will accept courses in transfer with a grade of C-minus to be applied towards HCC programs except where courses and prerequisites stipulate a grade of C or better. Students are advised to check the academic catalog to see which courses require a C or better grade for credit toward the degree or to fulfill the prerequisite requirement.

Admissions Application

The first thing you need to do is submit an Admissions Application form to the Admissions Office, and pay the application fee. (Select TRANSFER student on the application.) In addition, you will need to submit all of the admission application requirements to the Admissions Office. Allow 24 hours for your online application to be processed.

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Admission application requirements to the Admission Office (Lafayette Hall, Room L111):

  1. Proof of Immunization. MMRV (Measles/ Mumps/ Rubella/ Varicella) immunization.
  2. High School or GED proof of graduation (copy of high school diploma or send an official high school transcript from the high school)


Follow the steps to request official college transcripts be sent to HCC. IMPORTANT! Transfer students can seek advising immediately without waiting for their transcripts to be officially evaluated. Bring a copy of all of your college transcripts to advising to show the Advisor. The Advisor will unofficially evaluate your transcripts, determine your next steps, and can provide permission for students to register for courses. The Advisors are located in Lafayette Hall, Room L112. Walk-ins are welcome during regular business hours.

Transfer In Guidelines

Transfer In Guidelines

  1. Students must be accepted by the Admissions Office and enrolled in a Degree or Certificate Program.
  2. Make sure you notify the Admissions Office immediately upon admittance, that you have transfer courses from another college or university.
  3. In order for your transfer courses to be evaluated and accepted at HCC, you must provide official college transcripts:

    Mail: Contact your previous college and request an official transcript be mailed to HCC:
    Housatonic Community College
    Admissions Office
    900 Lafayette Blvd
    Bridgeport, CT 06604

    Online Request (electronic transcripts or e-transcripts):: Visit your previous college’s website. Many colleges offer online college transcript requests. In this case, you complete an online request form and your official college transcript is sent electronically to HCC’s Transfer-in Office. Send e-transcripts to: .

    Deliver In-person: Contact your previous college and request an official transcript be mailed directly to you or pick up the document in-person. *Do not open the envelope. Bring the sealed envelope to the Admissions Office, Lafayette Hall, Room L111. Any ‘opened’ and unsealed envelope will be considered ‘unofficial’, and cannot be officially applied to your degree or certificate program.

  4. Courses are evaluated and officially accepted. For assistance, please visit the Admissions Office (LH, Room L111).
  5. Course Descriptions: Transfer students are required to provide course descriptions for courses completed 5 years ago or more.
  6. Unofficial Transcripts: Any ‘opened’ or unsealed envelope, faxed, scanned or copies of college transcripts. These cannot be officially applied to your degree or certificate program. However, you may provide an unofficial transcript to your Advisor for advising purposes. In this case, the Advisor will ‘unofficially’ evaluate your transfer courses and help you build your course schedule and register. In order for your college transcript to be officially evaluated and applied to your degree or certificate program, please refer to step 3 above.
  7. Checking to see your transfer courses accepted at HCC:

    Visit the HCC website
    On the right, click MyCommNet
    Log into MyCommNet
    Select Degree Works - Housatonic Community College
    Enter your Student ID#/name
    Under format, select Degree Evaluation
    TR will indicate transfer courses

  8. Scheduling a meeting: The Admissions Office staff will assist transfer students with transfer related information; and assess each student’s needs in order to determine if an individual meeting is necessary. To schedule a meeting: Call (203 332-5100 or email .
  9. BHSN Graduates are responsible for having their official transcripts sent directly to the Admissions Office.
  10. Graduating students have priority status: HCC students with 50+ credits, and plan to graduate from HCC, may notify the Admissions Office accordingly. As a result, your transcripts will be evaluated as soon as possible.
  11. How to contact the Admissions Office: Email: .
  12. Click here to go to the Transfer Planning page.
  13. Click here to go to the Transfer Planning page.

    Click here for the Office of Higher Education’s page on public and private transfer programs throughout the state.

    HCC Catalog
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