Student Clubs

HCC Student Clubs

Alpha Beta Gamma

International Business Honor Society. You must be enrolled in Business degree-seeking curriculum, have 40 credit hours, GPA of 3.2. Contact Ed Becker, 203 332-5138, BH 345 for eligibility.

A.L.A.S - Association of Latin American Students

The Association of Latin and American Students unites people of different Latin cultures with others in hopes to make students aware of the diversity within the College community. Parranda Night, Tropical Fall/Spring Festival, and Salsa dance workshops make learning a new culture fun and interactive.

Advisor:  Jamilet Ortiz  Phone: 203-332-5141   Office: BH-215b

Art Club

The Art Club provides our students with the opportunity to visit exhibitions of painting, sculpture and crafts in a wide variety of museums and galleries in New York City, Boston, Washington, DC and other locations. The club has hosted guest speakers and media demonstrations; shown films and arranged for student art exhibitions.

Advisor:  Michael D.Stein  Phone: 203-332-5132   Office: LH-B240

Biology Club

The Biology Club is a group of students who meet to discuss current topics in Science. We have discussions and presentations on Biology, Ecology, and Science Research. Our club offers educational field trips to Aquariums, Special Biology Exhibitions, Science Museums, and Research Centers. We sponsor and participate in community events related to science and education.

Advisor:  Antonios Pappantoniou  Phone: 203-332-5146   Office: LH-C287

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union's mission is to form a sense of unity and togetherness making the organization into something positive that represents black students. The group works to develop a positive academic and scholastic atmosphere for black students, teaching them about their history and heritage. The BSU promotes students in all activities of the College, using meetings as a forum for students to discuss issues that affect them. Finally, the BSU develops leadership skills, cultural education to abolish stereotypes, and stimulation of a healthy and positive environment for students of color.

Advisor:  Eddie Rose  Phone: 203-332-5117   Office: LH-A218B

Business Club

Our mission is to introduce students to real life business experiences while expanding networks, developing resources, and fostering growth and knowledge. This is accomplished through business related workshops, speakers, trips, and events along with exploring business careers and job opportunities. Advocacy for business is our motto!

Advisor:  Mary Ann Vlahac  Phone: 203-332-5120   Office: BH-351

Christian Studies Club

The Christian Studies Club exists to serve the College community by providing opportunities for individual and group enrichment through the study of the Bible. The purpose is to allow for constructive dialog in dealing with a Christian world view and how it relates to everyday life in terms of moral and social issues.

Advisor:  Sherry Harris  Phone: 203-332-8579   Office: LH-A238

Advisor:  Michael R. Mandel  Phone: 203-332-5119   Office: BH-348

Criminal Justice Club

The Criminal Justice Club promotes student interest and engagement in criminal justice and law enforcement beyond the classroom. The club engages students through planning trips, speakers and events that relate to all branches of the criminal justice system. Additionally, The Criminal Justice Club has partnered with various local law enforcement agencies to provide students with a wide variety of opportunities for community service and outreach.

Advisor:  Samantha M. Mannion  Phone: 203-332-5168   Office: BH-244

Early Childhood Club

The Early Childhood Club meets and plans events and activities with ECE Majors. We plan trips to world renowned places such as the Bronx Zoo and the NYC Rose Planetarium. Visit unique ECE education schools and programs. Provide community services to enrich and enliven classroom experiences.

Advisor: Shelley Tomey  Phone: 203-332-5162   Office: BH-246

Advisor: Laurie Noe  Phone: 203-332-51255   Office: BH-257

Epsilon Pi Tau

International Technology Honor Society. You must be enrolled in Science, Engineering, or Technology programs, have 30 credit hours, with GPA of 3.0+. Faculty recommendation is required. Contact Professor Rob Ryder at 203-332-5258

Gospel Choir (HCG)

The HGC aims to uplift, empower, encourage, and enhance the student body of HCC through song.

Advisor:  Edwena Chance  Phone: 203-332-8557   Office: BH-215a

Graphic Design Club

This Club was organized to provide the student body with the opportunity to broaden their perspective on the graphic design industry and its computer software.

Advisor:  Thomas C.  Brenner  Phone: 203-332-5980   Office: LH-B251

HCC Honors Program

You must have earned 12 credit hours and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5+. Faculty recommendations are required. Contact Dr. Kirk Hughes 203-332-5137 for more information on your eligibility for the program.

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Healthy Living Club

The HCC Healthy Living Club members strive to make the college campus a healthier place to be.

Advisor:  Janice Schaeffler  Phone: 203-332-5220   Office: BH-285

History Club

The purpose of the History Club is to provide all members of the student body with the opportunity to get broaden their perspectives on history, particularly of Connecticut and the surrounding region by engaging in history-related educational and recreational activities. Its activities are also intended to serve the HCC community as a whole by making a difference at the individual level.

Advisor:  Kevin Boylan  Phone: 203-332-5113   Office: BH-249

Human Services Club

While working together as a team, students learn what it is like to help, counsel and volunteer in the community. By having food and clothing drives throughout the year, this club is able to really give back to their community. Trips include going to the Institute of Living and other organizations to see what it is like to work in a helping profession.

Advisor:  Edward C. Keane  Phone: 203-332-5165   Office: BH-242

Literary Club

Established to encourage participation in cultural events of a literary or artistic nature and promote the reading and discussion of books and themes which go beyond the normal classroom discussions.

Advisor:  Karyn L. Smith  Phone: 203-332-5133   Office: BH-215h

Music Club

Many students at HCC have an interest in music. Many are talented singers and musicians. This club was established so they could have an outlet to share and express these talents.

Advisor:  Scott Empric  Phone: 203-332-5147   Office: LH-A218A

Advisor:  Yotisse Williams  Phone: 203-332-5029   Office: LH-B159

Performing Arts Club

Watch as these students come together to perform for you! The Performing Arts Club sponsors events and activities on campus, as well as organizing trips to see productions. Members create talent shows and offer plays and musicals that are presented throughout the year to bring the stage to HCC.

Advisor:  Geoffrey Sheehan  Phone: 203-332-5270   Office: LH-A241

Phi Theta Kappa

International Honor Society. You need to have 12 credit hours at HCC, cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, enrolled in a degree or certificate program, actively taking classes at HCC. Contact the PTK Advisors: Debbie Kuchmas at 203-332-5279 or Andrew Pelletier at 203-332-8516, for more information.

Photography Club

For almost thirty-seven years, the HCC Photography Club has continued to bring a wide variety of visual experiences to the entire HCC community in order to broaden the appreciation of photography and enrich the cultural and educational environment of the College. Our goal is to explore the history of photography and the transition from film and chemical based images to the more contemporary pixel based digital images. Furthermore, the club strives to refine the sense of photographic aesthetics of its members by attending important exhibitions and conducting photography critiques. The Photography Club works to achieve these goals by arranging visits to photography museums and galleries, field trips to significant picture taking locations as well as photography demonstrations, films and lectures.

Advisor:  Michael D. Stein  Phone: 203-332-5132   Office: LH-B266

Political Action Club

The mission of the Political Action Club is to provide a non-partisan, unbiased, forum for members to express and discuss their individual political beliefs, and then have a rational debate on different issues. We will also discuss legislation, public policy, and current events happening in the local, national, and world community. We intend to offer our members the opportunity to hear all sides of public policy by having intelligent political debates that will enable our members to become better at making political decisions.

Advisor:  Barbara Richards  Phone: 203-332-5164   Office: BH-254

Psi Beta: National Psychology Honor Society

Invitation by the HCC Chapter, accumulated 12 credit hours in a degree program with 3.4 GPA. Contact Dr. Michael Amico, 203-332-5163.

Psychology Club

The purpose of the Psychology Club is to provide all members of the student body with the opportunity to get involved with an organization that will broaden their perspectives on Psychology and opportunities within the discipline. With the support of its advisor and members, this club will seek to enlighten students and the HCC Community on issues related to mental health awareness and available support services. It is a goal of the club or organization that through club activities we might be able to educate and serve the HCC community making a difference in the community on an individual level. 

Advisor:  Tonya H. Rondinone  Phone: 203-332-5174   Office: BH-254


The STEAM Club’s aim is to cultivate a better understanding and appreciation for and sponsor activities relating to: mathematics, engineering, technology, medicine, biology, physics, chemistry, other sciences, and art. It will also do its best to promote awareness of regional scientific institutions and environmental issues.

Advisor:  Jan Schaeffler  Phone: 203-332-5220   Office: BH-215A

Table Tennis Club

The Table Tennis Club is for students who wish to train and achieve a higher level of play, while learning about table tennis as a competitive sport. It instills good sportsmanship through fair competition and builds character, social skills and camaraderie.

Advisor:  Andrew Pinto  Phone: 203-332-5173   Office: LH-B266

Tau Upsilon Alpha

National Human Services Honor Society. Contact Dr. Edward Keene at 203-332-5165 and Laura Turiano at 203-332-5978.

Unity Club

The Unity Club focuses on promoting unity and diversity by sponsoring activities and events that encourage awareness, understanding and acceptance between and amongst individuals of various backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles.

Advisor:  Linda Wolfson  Phone: 203-332-5181   Office: LH-A112

Veteran's Club

The primary purposes of the Veteran's Club are to support and honor the United States military services, perpetuate the honor and memory of its dead, provide a social outlet for the members and their companions; in doing so, this will enable Veterans to adjust to and become successful in civilian and College life. The Veteran's Club will encourage college spirit and maintain fellowship amongst Veterans and students on this campus. The Veteran's Club will also provide an avenue to disperse information to its members and serve as an advocacy for Veterans on campus. We will assist with the dissemination of valuable information to Veterans, integrate veterans and students into social and campus activities, and organize worthwhile projects and events pertaining to Veterans and their needs and issues.

Advisor:  James Connolly  Phone: 203-332-5090   Office: LHL113

World Cultures and Traditions Club

The World Cultures and Traditions Club seeks to provide an opportunity for students to share and experience cultures and traditions from around the world and within our community.

Advisor:  Driss Mellouk  Phone: 203-332-5974   Office: BH-215b