Course Delivery Methods

Did you know there are 5 COURSE DELIVERY METHODS for classes?
Most classes are online (ONLN), some are HYBR, LRON, OLCR, TRAD (part online and in person) and only a few classes take place on-site. Please check your schedule and Blackboard to confirm the course delivery method(s) for your class(es). For instructions to log into MyCommNet, please see the bottom of this page.

Courses that are entirely or partly online may take place two ways:


1. Synchronous - Students and the professor all log in at the same times and days, as you would if you were attending in person. Lessons and classwork are in real time.


2. Asynchronous - log in according to your schedule to review the lessons and assignments.


Please review the glossary below for an explanation of the various course modalities.

Traditional Course

Definition: Traditional courses are delivered on campus (on-ground) at a specific time, place, and location.
Technology: Depends on the instructor assignments and instruction. Blackboard use strongly encouraged.
Due to social distancing requirements delivery of this instructional method may be limited. Class size will also be limited based on social distancing requirements. May have to be moved online should another quarantine be required.

Online Course

Definition: Course instruction is fully online via Blackboard and/or designated website(s). Courses listed ONLN will not have designated class meeting times (asynchronous); all instruction and assessments are online.
Technology: Students need a reliable computer with internet connection.
Due to social distancing, this type of delivery may be preferred.

Online with Classroom Component Course

Definition: This is an online course with no designated class meeting time (asynchronous); all instruction is online. HOWEVER, you will be required to come to campus or participate in a learning assessment (such as an exam) at one or more specifically scheduled days and times listed in the course description.
Technology: Students need a reliable computer with internet connection.
Due to social distancing, this type of delivery may be preferred.

Hybrid Course

Definition: Hybrid courses are taught partially in a classroom and partially online in Blackboard. The days/dates you are required to attend class on campus will vary with each course so when taking a hybrid course make sure to check with your professor about on-campus meetings.
Technology: Students need a reliable computer with internet connection.
This course method would occur for courses that have required hands-on components that cannot be accomplished online (i.e., manufacturing and health career programs, and workforce non-credit training where possible). Students will be required to attend scheduled class periods on campus.

Live Remote Online Course

Definition: Classes will meet virtually (online) on scheduled days and times (synchronous) where you will have the ability to interact live with your instructor and other classmates as though you were in a traditional, on-ground course. Live lectures or lab sessions are held at specifically scheduled days and times. Communication tools such as WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and Blackboard Collaborate will be used.
Technology: Students need a reliable computer with internet connection.
Due to social distancing, this type of delivery may be preferred. Students will be required to attend virtually from an internet-enabled device. Live instruction may be facilitated through Blackboard, WebEx, and/or Microsoft Teams. This method of instruction will not require nor allow for on-campus attendance. Will meet virtually at the time specified on your course schedule.

ONLN: All instruction and assessment take place online in an asynchronous environment. There are NO on-ground requirements for proctored assessments or in-person orientations. OLCR: All instruction occurs online in an asynchronous format, but students are required to meet on-campus for assessments, proctored examination or orientations.
HYBR: Instruction occurs through a regular blend of face-to-face classroom instruction and online facilitated instruction. As a result, the classroom seat-time is reduced - often by about 50%. 
LRON- LIVE/REMOTE/ONLINE: All instruction occurs online through synchronized learning, where the students and faculty meet live online/remotely at a designated time and day.


  1. Log into with your banner ID and password
  2. Click on the "Banner Self-Service" link to the right of the screen.
  3. Then under "Registration/Schedule" you can "Access Student Schedule" or even "Register (Add/Drop) Courses"
    For questions contact the Student Services Center at  or call 203.332.5196


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