HCC Staff and Faculty Directory

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Acevedo Jazzminda

Marketing Associate, , 203-332-5012, Office LH-A211

Adams Rebecca

Professor of English, , 203-332-8578, Office BH 228C

Adomako-Ayisi Kofi

Instructional Support Specialist (English), , 203-332-8503, Office LH-B151

Albaz Asher

Professor of Accounting, , 203-332-5166, Office BH-351

Albrecht Marilyn

Counselor/Title IX Investigator/Gender Equity Coordinator, , 203-332-8521, Office LH-B233

Alfano Donald

Lecturer of Music,

Allen Carolyn

Lecturer of English as a Second Language,

Almeida Sara

Lecturer of Biology,

Amico Michael Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, , 203-332-5163, Office BH-262

Amodio Barbara A.

Lecturer of Philosophy,

Anderson Lizbeth

Lecturer of Art,

Andreu Juan

Lecturer of Art,

Anzaldi Linda

Secretary 2, , 203-332-5151, Office LH-L123

Avant Robin L.

Campus Dean of Students and Faculty, , 203-332-5061, Office BH-278A

Baffoe Sherifa

Assistant Professor of Surgical Technology, Coordinator of the Surgical Technology Program, , 203-332-5993, Office LH-B250

Bailey Durado

HR/Payroll Admin. Operations Asst., , Office LH-A218B

Bailey William

Lecturer of Criminal Justice,

Barnes Sandra

Professor of Biology, , 203-332-5107, Office LH-B262

Becker Edward - Chairperson of the Business Department

Professor of Business, , 203-332-5138, Office BH-345

Bedawi Jiyan

Clerk Typist, , 203-332-5019, Office LH-B152

Bernard Rayon

Financial Aid Assistant/EA, , 203-332-5125, Office LH-L111

Biga Stanley

Manufacturing Lab Assistant, , 203-332-5975, Office LH-C179

Biondi Dawn

Lecturer of Psychology,

Blumstein Angela

Accountant, , 203-332-5009, Office LH-L123

Bowe Peter Stephen

Lecturer of Biology,

Boyd Colleen

Lecturer of English as a Second Language,

Brennan Christopher

Lecturer of Business,

Brenner Thomas C.

Professor of Art and Graphics, , 203-332-5980, Office LH-L410

Bright Medgine

Director of Student Activities, , 203-332-5058 , Office BH-317

Brown Angelique

Manufacturing Lab Assistant, , Office LH C-179

Brown James

Lecturer of Mathematics,

Bruno John

Lecturer of Manufacturing Technology,

Byrd China

Clerk Typist, , 203-332-5202, Office BH-277

Caciopoli Robert A.

Lecturer of First Year Studies,

Cacioppo Megan (Federico)

Marketing Coordinator, , 203-332-5126, Office LH-A214C

Cahill-Lamboley Maureen

Associate Professor of English as a Second Language, English, Coordinator of the ESL Program, , 203-332-5152, Office BH-215D

Calderon Juliessa A.

Buildings & Grounds Patrol Officer, , 203-332-5185, Office LH-A127

Capezzuto Matthew

Lecturer of Art,

Carl Jessica

Executive Assistant to the President, , 203-332-5105, Office LH-A211

Carley Kristen

Associate Professor of English, , 203-332-8502, Office BH 234 | BH-228D

Carmichael Sandra

Lecturer of Business,

Carranza Rodolfo

Maintainer, , 203-332-5219, Office BH-122

Chowdhury Parveen

Enrollment Services Assistant, , 203-332-5048, Office BH-284

Chu Paul J.

Lecturer of Philosophy,

Churchill Sarah

Lecturer of Art,

Ciccone Nicholas G.

Lecturer of Chemistry,

Cicero Ceylon M.

Lecturer of Biology,

Clements Thomas

Police Officer, , 203-332-5187, Office BH-110

Coba-Loh, M.S. Claudine J.

Professor of Human Services and Psychology, Coordinator of Human Services, , 203-332-5167, Office BH-242

Cockerham Arthur

Lecturer of Math and Engineering, , 203-332-5115, Office LH-C230

Colangelo Richard

Lecturer of Criminal Justice,

Coley, Ph.D. Thomas G.

Regional President of Shoreline-West, , 860-723-0623, Office BH-285

Colón, M.S. Saulo M.

Associate Professor of Sociology, , 203-332-5113, Office BH-253

Connolly James

Director of Enrollment Management/Registrar, , 203-332-5090, Office LH-L113D

Conway Andrea

Lecturer of English as a Second Language,

Conway Janice

Professor of Anatomy & Physiology, , 203-332-5109, Office LH-B269

Corr Daniel

Lecturer of Music,

Costantini Camilla

Assistant, , Office LH-A210A

Costello Kieran J.

Lecturer of Business,

Cox Andrea

Assistant Teacher, Early Childhood Laboratory School, , 203-332-5029, Office LH-B159

Creighton-Gordon Rosalee

Secretary 2, , 203-332-8525, Office LH-C274

Currivan Christopher

Information Technology Tech II, , 203-332-5287, Office LH-A133D

Davila Jean

Lecturer of First Year Studies,

Dawson Asantewa

Associate Professor of Mathematics, First Year Studies, , 203-332-5095, Office BH-215H

De Jesus Erika

Financial Aid Assistant, , 203-332-5005, Office LH-L111

DellaVentura Nemesis

HR/Payroll Admin. Operations Asst., , 203-332-8539, Office LH-A218A

DeMassa, Ph.D. John

Lecturer of Chemistry,

Denbaum Drew Steven

Lecturer of English,

DePalo Thomas

Lecturer of Computer Science,

Dunne Matthew W. Ph.D.

Professor of History, , 203-332-5043, Office BH-253

DuPont Richard

Director of Community & Campus Relations for AMTC, , 203-332-5991, Office LH C179H

Empric Scott

Professor of English, First Year Studies, , 203-332-5147, Office BH-215g

Everett Peter

Librarian, , 203-332-5074, Office LH-B144M

Falbowski Shawn

Lecturer of Mathematics,

Favret John

Professor of Graphic Design, Coordinator of the Art Program, , 203-332-5116, Office L-406

Fields Veetra

Office Assistant, , 203-332-5020, Office BH-146c

Fitzpatrick Phyllis

Research Specialist, , 203-332-5171, Office LH A211K

Forte Larry

Lecturer of Mathematics,

Fountain Venoal

Lecturer of Business Law,

Franco Assunta

Administrative Assistant, , 203-332-5080, Office LH-A210

Gabris Cynthia

Administrative Assistant, Continuing & Professional Education, , 203-332-8501, Office BH-116A

Galluzzi, Ph.D. Jennifer

Lecturer of Biology,

Gasparo, Jr. Paul

Instructor of English, First Year Studies, , 203-332-8566, Office BH-215B

Gelinas Stephen

Maintainer, , 203-332-5027, Office BH-122

Gibson Jeanine

Director of Academic Advising and Student Retention, , 203-332-5263, Office LH-L112N

Gilbertie Henry E.

Lecturer of Business,

Gonzalez Milagros

Associate Registrar, , 203-332-5091, Office LH-L113C

Gonzalez Robert

Police Officer, , 203-332-5022, Office BH-110

Gore Mark

Librarian, , 203-332-5069, Office LH-B144C

Grabarz Theodore

Lecturer of Biology,

Graham Earl

Director of Admissions, , 203-332-5290, Office LH-L111h

Greenberg Lisa

Lecturer of Art,

Grossane Mark

Part-time Reference Librarian, , Office LH-B144

Guirand-Fleurimond Felisha

Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, , 203-332-5975, Office LH-C179J

Guzman Joany

Lecturer of Spanish,

Gyamfi Richmond

Lecturer of Mathematics,

Han Qiming

Systems Librarian, , 203-332-5073, Office LH-B144K

Hart Stephanie A.

Professor of English, , 203-332-5142, Office BH-228B

Hayes Janet V.

Professor of Graphic Design, , 203-332-5132, Office LH-L412

Haynes Vanessa

Financial Aid Assistant, , 203-332-5064, Office LH-L111

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