“STEAM disciplines are essential to the new economy” Harvey White, STEAM 2010

“Although there is a long history of the interaction of the sciences with the arts, STEAM is a new acronym that has emerged over the last decade and has a multitude of definitions and approaches. Some of the main themes of STEAM are fostering innovation, the need for twenty-first century skills, and divergent and convergent thinking.” (The STEAM Journal)

What is STEAM?

The critical thinking skills and applications of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) are fundamental to the current and future workforce. STEAM is the newest approach in connecting national STEM initiatives with art. STEM + Art = STEAM. (


Job opportunities in STEAM are consistently on the rise and in order to succeed in these STEAM areas students are required to have a strong and innovative foundation.

Why Housatonic?

Students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) can find over 40 associate degree and certificate opportunities at Housatonic Community College.

Mission Statement

Housatonic Community College wants to properly prepare our students for the economic future by educating and producing a strong foundation in STEAM. Students at Housatonic Community College can choose from over 40 associate degree or certificate options under the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math disciplines. We as a college want our students to be up-to-date and equipped for a seamless transfer to a four year institution and for the future labor market. Student success is the result of college and professional readiness. Housatonic Community College is in gear to move full STEAM ahead!

Members of STEAM

Robin Avant
Dean of Academic Affairsy/STEAM coordinator

Rachel Cain
Lecturer of Biology/STEAM Initiatives Coordinator

Kyle Pepin
Instructor of Engineering & Manufacturing Technology/STEAM Lead Support

Janice Schaeffler
Associate Professor of Mathematics/STEAM Outreach/Data Coordinator

Janet Yarrow
Lecturer of Nutrition/Anatomy and Physiology/STEAM Co-Principal Investigator

Sandra Barnes
Professor of Microbiology

Stella Litwinowicz
Instructor of Engineering and Math

Andrea Macnow
Grant Development Specialist

Marina Philips
Assistant Professor of Math

Donna Rhoads
Instructor of Biology/Microbiology

Catherine Velaz
Research Assistant

Karen Vo
Research Assistant

Kimberly Wood
Director of the Student Services Center,

Robbin Zella
Director of Museum of Art