Werth Center


Sewing Workshop 1

HCC student Shauna (pictured on right) shows off different materials and textiles needed during a sewing workshop to other students

Sewing Workshop 2

Shauna gets Quentin (pictured second on the right) ready to try out a serger machine, while Trust (pictured on left) practices her sewing skills

Embroidery Workshop

Werth Coordinator Alethea leads students through usage of the embroidery machine. It can run both pre-made patterns and original designs via USB.

3D Printing Workshop

Community member John Ash walks the group through the design of a 3-D printer and its application for the real world before moving to an actual print

Help for Your Side Hustle

Maker space

Fashion center, UV imprinter, Photo studio, Workbench

Studio 2 Design computer

with Adobe software and Color Printer

Mentoring and Training

  • Student Company Outlet Store (brick-and-mortar and online)
  • Access to Music Studio and Commercial Kitchen
  • Startup and Growth Grants and Loan Guarantees

Located in the former Beacon Cafeteria.

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Spring 2022 Major Events

Werth Center Open House

Feb 8 Tuesday 5:30 pm

Come and promote your idea and learn how we can help. Pizza served. Meet successful student entrepreneurs

Student Entrepreneur Pop-up Showcase

Mar 23 Wednesday 10:30 am – 2:00 pm in the Werth Center

Cash awards for best exhibit and best new product or service. For free table apply by March13 at www.back-offices.com/HCC. Sell your products or services or bring a mock-up for market research.

Community College 60-Second Elevator Pitch Competition

Apr 7 Thursday 6:30 pm via Zoom

Over $1000 in cash awards. Create a 60-video pitch and register it at www.Back-Offices.com/cc.

CT Collegiate Business Competition and Conference

Apr 22 Friday 1 pm –5 pm at Housatonic Events Center

$20,000 in cash grants to launch or grow your business www.entrepreneurshipfoundation.org/business-competitions

Digital Game Competition

Apr 30 Saturday (Quinnipiac University)

$10,000 in cash awards

Fashion Show and Competition

August (Paier University in Bridgeport)

$10,000 in cash awards.

The Werth Center has a fashion section to help you prepare

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