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Directory starting with K

Kamin, Susan

Lecturer in Psychology,

Katundu, Ambroise

Lecturer in Mathematics,

Kaulins, Michael

Lecturer in English

Kaye, Stephen

Lecturer in Business,

Keane, Edward C.

Professor of Psychology and Sociology, Coordinator of Human Services, , 203-332-5165, Office BH-242

Keenan, Carol

Lecturer in Computer Science,

Keenan, Paul J.

Associate Professor Emeritus of Computer Science

Kennedy, Annmarie

Lecturer in Mathematics,

Khon, Karen

Guided Pathway Advisor 1’, , 203-332-8530, Office LH-L112D

Kiernan, Jeffrey

Lecturer in Sociology,

Killins, Monique

Part-Time Lecturer,

Kindilien, Glenn

Professor Emeritus of English

Kindilien, Glenn

Professor Emeritus of English,

Kintzler, David

Professor Emeritus of Art

Kirven, Stephane

Instructor of Criminal Justice, , 203-332-5997, Office BH-249

Kocay, Michelle

Assistant Professor of English, First Year Studies, , 203-332-8552, Office BH-215c

Kongsvold, John

Professor Emeritus of Business

Kongsvold, John S.

Professor Emeritus of Business,

Koos, Gary

Lecturer in Manufacturing Technology,

Kosta, Paul

Lecturer in Philosophy,

Kozek, Teresa Garguilo

Professor of English, First Year Studies, , 203-332-5148, Office BH-215b

Kozlowski, Mary

Lecturer in English as a Second Language,

Kozma, Helene

Lecturer in Business Office Technology,

Kressu-Owen, Debra

Lecturer in Computer Science,

Kuchmas, Deborah (Debbie) S.

Retention Associate, , 203-332-5279, Office BH-284

Lecturer in Manufacturing,

Kurzatkowski, Kathy V.

Lecturer in Developmental Studies - English,

Achieving the Dream
Aspen Award
JED Campus